About Me

I’m Just a home town person, living in the sticks of Sweet Home, Linn County, Oregon.

You might know me, you might not. I could be anywhere, or nowhere. I am the sleuth, shining light of day on dirty local politics.

But, I do know I am tired of the “Old Boys Club” that seems to rule our county commissioners office. They seem to get things done, …. for their friends and themselves. They are all about backroom deals that lacks transparency that we need in our local government.

I want to fight for all of the small town people that feel under-represented in local politics, just because they don’t live in a big city. When was the last time John Lindsey or one of his supporters knocked on your door, or held a town meeting in your small town? Yea, never….

Together, our voices will be heard!
… The Sweet Home Sleuth

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