Today, more than ever it seems like John Lindsey is losing his grip on the office he has held for 20 years.

Would You Like Fries With That Ma’am – John Lindsey Will Be Looking for Work Soon, Very Soon….

John, I think it’s time you start looking for another job!

Over the past few years he has intimidated, threatened people, and even has a Orgeon state boards ethics committee investigating him for ethics violations. He has been party to serving several lawsuits to intimidate local farmers out of business, several of which were thrown out of court. He was caught red-handed stealing political signs off of public and private property. A little bird told me that the Oregon state Department of justice is recommending two years jail time for the sign theft, partially by the fact that he admitted it to the newspaper and it was in print. He threatened, intimidated, dropped the F bomb repeatedly, at a Western counties meeting, embarrassing himself and almost got the police called on him.

It’s time John, time to polish up the resume, and hope that one of your cronies will toss you a bone and give you a job somewhere, doing something.


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