Unfortunately, you can’t make this up folks. During a Oregon Cascade West Council of Government meeting, audio being recorded, John Lindsey got into a heated discussion with a female guest standing at the podium.

She was standing at the podium as a recognized member of the OCWCOG meeting, with the right to address the Oregon Cascade West Council of Government meeting. After a lively discussion, John Lindsey lost his temper and said, “You’re A Fat Pig!”. This was disgusting comment was said out loud, heard by everyone in the room, and recorded on audio.

“You’re a Fat Pig!”

-John Lindsey

In the day and age of equal rights, and us needing to be accepting of everyone, what gives John Lindsey the right to call any woman a fat pig from the official capacity of a Linn County Commissioner, in front of the Oregon Cascade West Council of Government meeting?

Linn County woman crying after being called a “Fat Pig” by Linn County Commissioner John Lindsey at an official Linn County Commissioner Meeting.

With executives, and CEOs, stepping down from their office for saying less to other people, why is it that John Lindsey is once again above the law. If you or I called a subordinate coworker a fat pig from behind our desk, within 15 minutes you would be fired. Does John Lindsay have a Teflon suit, or are his “old boys club”covering for him once again?


  1. Do you happen to know what date this took place? I’d like to share the livestream video on my FB. He’s completely out of line!

  2. After reviewing my notes, I made a few edits to the article. The incident happened a few years ago at a joint counties commissioners meeting. There was only audio of this meeting being taken, not video to my knowledge. (my memory isn’t that good, but I have my notes) The woman (who will remain nameless) was visibly upset, but no one offered an apology to her, nor forced John Lindsey to apologize either. To get the audio you would need to get the exact date of the meeting of the joint commissioners meeting and do a public records request of the audio. I’m not sure where you would do this, but there might be a few ladies out there that might remember the event, and help you pinpoint it. Do some Sleuthing, you would be surprised what you can find out just by asking people.

  3. Thank you so much for the reply! I appreciate you doing some research for me. Your webpage/website is excellent. It’s folks like you that are diligent and fearless in reporting stories about unethical members of our County. Your reports are accurate and on point. Thanks for spreading the word about this man who NEEDS out of office.

  4. Well, I’ve sat on my hands for too long, and like many, are ready for him to get out of office. I don’t really care who gets elected, as long as it’s not Mr. Lindsey. Like many of us, we met his opponent from a knock on the door or a small town meeting. I have asked the question to my friends, when has John Lindsey ever knocked on your door since he’s been in office. I know I live in a small town, but a lot of Linn County IS small towns. I think we are ready for someone to upset the “old boys club”, that get things done….for their friends and themselves! Find a way to spread the word on this website and let people know I will publish their little snippets of news, as long as it has some facts behind it, or can be branded as satire! 🙂


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