Albany Mayor, Sharon Konopa

I have been monitoring the Albany Democrat Herald, home delivery and online editions to see if there is going to be anything published on the rage that John Lindsey demonstrated, in a public meeting toward Albany Mayor, Sharon Konopa.

A little bird told me, at The Oregon Cascade West Council of Government last month, where officials from several counties joined together to meet about common issues, there was an outburst. Just as the meeting was getting underway, John Lindsey stood up and confronted Mayor Sharon Konopa and started verbally assaulting her, using the F-bomb several times. I believe the audio recording of this meeting had already started and it would be interesting to hear or read in the OCWCOG Agenda and Minutes. The verbal assault got so heated, that the chairman had to physically restrain John Lindsey and suggest strongly that he quite down. F-Bombs? Seriously! When is it that you get to embarrass our county in front of a collection of The Oregon Cascade West Council of Government and get a “pass” on it? I’m just saying, there should be transparency and accountability for outbursts like this, that could have easily turned physical, given the way he was physically held back by the chairman.

John Lindsey dropping the F-Bomb
Photographic depiction of John Lindsey dropping the F-Bomb in a fit of rage

Why haven’t I seen anything about this in the newspaper? Is this another cover-up that is being glossed over by his friends? Or, could it be that John Lindsey’s temper is another thing that can be chalked up to him being above the law, and is being given a pass by his friends in office and the press.


  1. I’ve heard that Alex Paul with the DH didn’t want to run the story “just because someone was having a bad day”. I’ve emailed the editor as well as Alex asking why they haven’t run the story and stated that I feel they are protecting a corrupt and combustible elected official….

  2. What was he so mad about? The only thing that this article talks about is that he dropped the F-bomb and almost had to be physically restrained. If we knew the whole story it would be better for all of us.

  3. Cathy-he assumed that his opponent Stephanie Newton had placed signs around Linn County advertising he is unethical, is a liar and is under Ethics Investigation (you can read the full story on this website). He was so mad that he verbally attacked the Mayor, scaring her so bad that she was literally scared to go home. This article is not a lie, but is actual and factual.

    • Right?! And did you know that John didn’t even issue the apology until he was contacted by the DH for this comment to the article they were going to run about this?!


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